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Lid Flush Void Protection with open lid

No matter where our safety access lids are located, we offer the highest level of protection for workers in the wastewater industry and for the general public.  We are constantly innovating and adapting our locally designed and manufactured products to improve the safety of our void protection systems. Consultation with our clients and workers in the field, mean that we are always responding to the needs of our industry and developing new, cost effective ways to enhance safety and performance.

The LFVP (Lid Flush Void Protection) design provides a 4-side barrier system which eliminates the risk of falling into an open void.

Our unique designs range from a single lid application to multi lid configurations to suit your project. We customise our safety access lids to your specific needs and site conditions.

This latest installation of a LFVP  style access cover is in the heart of suburbia and includes all the safety features we have become renowned for in the industry.

  • Four side void protection and safety grate system with removable front grate and swing gate to provide a safe workplace for all maintenance staff.
  • Lightweight aluminium lids ensure there are no manual handling issues.
  • Exceed AS3996:2019 (Access covers and grates).
  • Exclusive McBerns frame extrusion
  • Flush mounted or mounted on hob
  • Safety Rail System

Non slip lid design also protects the general public when covers are in installed in public environments.

Look after your worker safety and talk to us about a cost effective solution for your workplace.