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Overview of our Range of Safety Access Cover Lids for Water, Sewage and Wastewater Industries

Why choose a McBerns Safety Access Cover?


Exclusive McBerns frame extrusion


Custom made to suit site requirements


4 side void protection safety grate system with removable front grate and also swing gate


Design, fabrication and installation service


A, B, C & D load rate tested


Lightweight lift


Flush mounted or mounted on hob


Hinged safety grates (removable)


Safety Rail System


Australian Made and Owned

Our Australian Designed and Made, Aluminium Safety Access Cover Lid  range maximises Workplace Health and Safety for workers by offering a range of void protection options.

LFVP access cover

LFPM Design (Lid Flush Premium Mount) Safety Access Cover Lid

The LFPM safety access cover lid combats gases escaping and water entering the void. The lid has a water & gas tight requirement built in and still has hinged capabilities for easier lifting and lowering.

LFVP aluminium 4-side barrier system void protection safety access cover lid

LFVP (Lid Flush Void Protection) Safety Access Cover Lid

The LFVP Safety Access Cover Lid design provides a 4-side barrier system which eliminates the risk of falling into an open void. Designs range from a single lid application (1050 x 1050mm Clear Opening) up to 3 lid application.

LFM australian made cost-effective void protection safety access cover lid with safety grate

LFM Design (lid Flush Mount) Safety Access Cover Lid

The LFM is an entry level cost-effective void protection lid. It allows personnel to lift the lid while still been protected by the safety grate underneath.

LPL low profile lid mcberns safety access cover to replace gatic lid 72mm depth with grated mesh

LPL Design - Low Profile Safety Access Cover Lid

Light weight lid design option to replace gatic lid with a frame depth of 72mm.

reservoir mcberns safety access covers with retro fitting for water manholes and air valves

Reservoir Safety Access Cover Lids

Retro Fitting, Water, Manholes, Air Valves

LFPR Lid Flush Post & Rail mcberns safety access cover provides a 4-side barrier system while still conforming to the AS1657 barrier height standard

LFPR Design - Lid Flush Post & Rail Safety Access Cover

The LFPR provides a 4-side barrier system while still conforming to the AS1657 barrier height standard. Available as a single lid application up to either 3 or 4 lid depending on the chamber size.

bolt down mcberns safety access covers water and gas tight

Bolt Down Safety Access Cover Lids

Designed to Bolt Down to ensure Water and Gas tight.

 access cover

Grated Lid Safety Access Covers

Where access safety is required.

telescopic safety access covers used with smaller opening mcberns LFVP to achieve required height

Telescopic Safety Access Covers

Ideally used with smaller opening LFVP to achieve required height.

round octagonal custom mcberns safety access cover lids in a checker plate frame with large multi lid arrangements

Custom Safety Access Cover Multi Lid Designs

Designs include round, octagonal, lids in a checker plate frame and large multi lid arrangements. With large multi lid designs lid placement can be designed to client’s specific requests for access points.

temporary protection of open manholes mcberns worker safety equipment

Manhole Cover Worker Safety Protection

Temporary Protection of open manholes.

Find out more about our range of Safety Access Cover Lids. Customisable to your unique situation. 

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