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innovation in void protection and workplace safetyNo matter where our safety access cover lids are located, McBerns innovation ensures the highest level of protection for workers and the general public. Our safety products are located in potable water and wastewater plants, electrical pits, manholes, reservoirs, air valves, pump stations as well as in streets, parks and shopping centres throughout suburban and rural areas. Our team of engineers are constantly redesigning and refining our void protection systems in consultation with our clients and workers in the field. This means that we are always responding to the changing needs of our industry and developing new, cost-effective ways to enhance safety and performance.

Our safety access cover range incorporate

  • lightweight lids (mostly under 20kg) with easy to access handles
  • removable and swinging gate systems
  • 1,2,3 and 4-sided void protection for different situations
  • a range of covers from flush mounted gas tight lids to open grates
  • fixed and telescopic safety rails
  • non-slip surfaces available in a range of optional colours
  • highly secure lockable lids • our exclusive frame extrusion profile.
  • customisable sizes, shapes and layout
  • high grade aluminium

All of our safety access covers exceed their relevant Australian standards:AS3996:2019, AS4586:2013, AS/NZS1665:2007 and are all designed and manufactured in Queensland, Australia. We customise our safety access lids to your specific needs and site conditions and can retro fit our range into existing infrastructure. We site-measure, design, manufacture and install from a single lid application to multi lid configurations.

Contact: Stuart Darby PH: 07 5445 1646